How do I create a Mailmerge from Project-base using Microsoft Word?

Tag the Contacts which you wish to use in the Mailmerge. Go to ‘Mail’ on the Toolbar, and select Mailmerge File – you will be prompted to add a Past and/or Future Event (you can choose not to add an Event by unticking the boxes), this will then open the Mailmerge File Tab, displaying the path where the Merge.doc file will be saved. (This path can be changed in Options – Letters.) Click on OK, and the Merge.doc file will be created. Open Microsoft Word, and create your Mailmerge Document using the Merge.doc file as the Data Source.

I purchased Data from a Supplier, how do I display this in Project-base?

Project-base can import Data files from Glenigan, ABI and CIS. This is done by saving the Data file in the Export folder, which can be found in the Pbwin4 Directory. In Project-base select File – Import – Supplier – from which a list of various Data formats are displayed, select the format relevant to your Data and then ‘Run’.


There are a number of configuration options regarding Data Import. We recommend you create an empty database to test the import and make sure that you are happy with the configuration before importing data into your live database.

The Database contains many Projects which we no longer need, how do we remove them, but keep a backup in case they are required in the future?

This can be done by ‘Archiving’ the Projects. To do this Tag the Projects which you wish to Archive, close the Project List and go to File – Export – Archive Tagged – By Project. You will then be prompted to Save the files which you are archiving, give the file a name and choose a location to Save it in. You can then import these files to a separate ‘Archive’ database if you wish.

How do I setup an SMS Service for Project-base?

Project-base is fully compliant with the SMS messaging format and simply requires a message delivery service to be established, in order to begin using this service. At present KMS recommends Hays Systems Ltd. Pricing enquiries and further information is available by contacting their Sales Team on 01506 424 955 or visiting the website on www.haysystems.com.


KMS is not responsible for the account setup, charges or service provided by Hays Systems Ltd. All queries are a matter between supplier and client and should therefore be directed to Hays Systems Ltd

Please contact KMS Support for instructions of how to setup Project-base to accommodate this service.

How do I create multiple filters and save the results?

Create a Filter or use an Existing one, (Filters – Insert – give it a Title and select the criteria you wish to filter, typically using the P-SQL Tab) then Tag using that Filter, you can then Tag using other filters as required if all the required data has not be captured in the previous filter. This will build up the number of items tagged, save this by selecting the Save button, and give the file a name. You can recall saved Tag lists by going to Filter – Load, and selecting the appropriate file, this will then Tag those saved items.

I have some data displayed in an Excel Spreadsheet and want to import it into project-base, can this be done?

Yes. To import data from Excel, you should start by ensuring each column has a recognisable heading, then save the file as a .csv (Comma Delimited) in the Export folder found in the PBWin4 Directory. In Project-base select, File – Import – Ascii, you will be requested to open the file you wish to import, you will need to change the option ‘Files of Type’ to ‘Comma Separated (*.csv) and select the saved file. A screen showing the fields in Project-base will be displayed, you will then need to map the fields from the Excel file (using the recognisable headings) to map where in Project-base you would like them to be Imported to. Once complete, select OK and the data will Import into the Database. It is a good idea to create a new temporary database to import the data into. You can then check it and deduplicate it before moving the data to your live database.

Can I view my Project-base database in an Excel spreadsheet?

Yes you can through ODBC connectivity. To do this you must add the MSQuery component into MS Excel and install the Pervasive ODBC 32-bit driver on your PC. MSQuery is an extra component available on your MSOffice CD and the ODBC driver is available on your Pervasive software CD. For full instructions refer to the ODBC and Project-base document available from the Technical Library on the Client Area section of the KMS web site. www.kms-software.com, or email KMS Support to request for the document. Support@kms-software.com