Case Studies Old

Real live customer case studies

KMS has many customers and here are a few recent case studies.

Before KMS implements a system we will carry out a business analysis. The start of this process will begin with these types of questions:

Sales Process

  • Which parts of your sales process project-driven?
  • How do you get new leads? Does marketing play a part? Are there marketing campaigns?
  • How does a customer contact you to get information?
  • How do you track and record leads?
  • What items do you need to provide to the lead during the sales process?
  • What steps are taken to turn a lead into a customer? What types of activities?
  • Are the steps in the sales process recorded somewhere as a record for others to see?
  • Who talks to potential customers?
  • When does information get shared so that other departments know that there is a potential customer?
  • How long does it take before a new lead becomes a customer?
  • What type of data is collected about new or existing customers?
  • Where is data stored and who is responsible for ensuring that the data is collected? Does anyone review the data? Are there specific reasons for various pieces of data that are collected?
  • Is there specialized information about the customer and/or the request that you need to complete the sale?
  • Do you provide quotes to customers? If so, is there often a revision process? How does a quote become an order?
  • Who prepares quotes?
  • Who prepares orders?
  • How do orders get from the Sales department to the fulfillment part of the business? How do orders move through to Accounting for invoicing?
  • Do you market to our existing customer base? Do you contact them for recurring business?
  • Are our customers repeat customers? Why or why not?
  • Is the sales process different for existing customers than for potential customers?
  • Do sales and marketing personnel have visibility into the process once an order is placed?
  • What things need to change to make sales more effective? What things need to stay the same?
  • Can a customer place an order without involvement from a salesperson? How does this occur?
  • What types of reports are used in relation to sales?


  • Do you have a method to track potential deals that you are working on with your customers (new or existing)?
  • Do you have sales stages that your sales team follows?
  • Could you benefit from selecting values (for the potential sale) and probabilities for each opportunity?
  • Do you schedule activities around these potential deals?
  • Are there some characteristics that you may want to capture for opportunities?
  • Can you forecast closure dates for your opportunities so that you can get an accurate picture of what type of business may be occurring in a specific time frame?
  • Can you forecast revenue and probability of closure so that you can get an accurate forecast?