Paragon are a specialist fit out and refurbishment contractor focused on integrating, understanding and delivering their clients and their professional team’s project expectations.

Paragon believe that construction is a logical process and by applying simple procedures their skills can be tailored to any type of project or sector. They pride themselves on closing out their projects in a clean and well managed way leaving no outstanding issues.

With a turnover of nearly fifty million pounds, Paragon Management are continuing to grow and expand within the industry. KMS have enabled them to manage that growth by introducing Project-CRM.

The Challenge

Paragon were using several different spreadsheets to enable them to track where they were up to with projects, what was going on with their pipeline and who their customers were. They realised that they were not able to properly analyse their data as it was unwieldy and fragmented throughout their business.

Having identified these issues, they realised that a central database system that could be easily updated by all of their staff was needed. They wanted something that would allow them to track the relationships between their projects and clients, plus manage their pipeline so they knew exactly where they were up to and nothing got missed. They also had their own custom quality processes that would ideally be part of the system.

The Solution

After reviewing a number of solutions and providers, Paragon chose KMS.

‘We chose KMS because their products are built specifically for the construction industry. They have an understanding from not only a construction point of view, but also from a fast track fit out point of view of what our needs are and how to work with us in such an ever changing business.’
Paul Vinten, Director, Paragon.

At KMS, we looked at the problems that Paragon were encountering and introduced them to Project-CRM. Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this construction specific tool would enable them to collect all of their data in one place, keep it all up to date and use the built in dashboards and reporting tools to analyse all their data and help manage their business.

We configured Project-CRM to reflect Paragon’s specific industry needs and also created additional functionality to record and manage Site Surveys, Sub Contractor Performance Surveys and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. This information is directly recorded into Project-CRM saving duplication of effort and allowing all of the information to be easily accessed. Now everything is in one place, up to date and easy to report upon.

‘KMS were approachable and available. It has been a great experience, really engaging. The guys at KMS are really nice and I judge them not only for the product, but because of the fantastic service we get.’
Paul Vinten, Director, Paragon.


  • KMS have over 20 years of experience within the construction industry.
  • The Microsoft platform is simple to use, encouraging user adoption.
  • The system is flexible enough to grow and change with the business.
  • Hosted or On Premise options are available.

More comments from Paul about why Paragon chose KMS: