Event Management

Using the Event Management solution you can coordinate your event information and keep everyone notified as details emerge.

  • See all the important details of the event, including attributes which display on event web pages like description, subject content, location, registration – even catering!
  • Use the Scheduling entities to configure both one-off and recurring events, with schedule exception handling, recurrence ranges and off-limits day of week filters.
  • Record meeting room capacities and configurations, as well as support capabilities for accessibility, whiteboard, internet connectivity and A/V support. This gives organizers the information they need to juggle room resources as needed to meet registration and presentation demands.
  • Connect CRM Contacts records to presenting speakers and event sponsor information, attaching additional content contact information fields for display on event websites.

All of these tools work together to display comprehensive, up-to-the-minute and searchable event information to potential and registered attendees on event websites, providing attendees with customizable calendar and detailed views reflecting their specific registration interests.

Event registrations are automatically attached to CRM Contacts and added to aggregate capacity counts.

Unlimited Events can be combined into a comprehensive Conference schedule, and content access rules can be applied to restrict content based upon attendee conference package selections and event-associated membership databases.