Account Management

Every KMS customer is appointed an Account Manager.  This person will become the main point of contact for you (other than KMS Support) once the system is live.

The account manager will again work with the your team to determine a frequency of contact that is suitable.  This could involve regular telephone contact and face to face meetings.  Initially we find that a meeting every 2 months is a good way to start this process, this then may extend to twice a year.  On top of this the KMS Marketing Team send out a customer satisfaction questionnaire every 3 months to assist us in our management of existing customers.

In the 20 years that KMS has been in operation we now have in excess of 20 companies using our CRM products for over 10 years.  We do have one customer who is still using our software after 18 years!  Hopefully this is testament not only to our software, its suitability to the construction sector but also to our commitment to providing excellent customer service.