Administrator Training

KMS offer a wide range of training services tailored to each customer. Depending upon the size and complexity of the project, KMS work with our customers to deliver first class training sessions.

KMS offer Administrator, User and Train Manager solutions.  KMS can also run subject-specific training courses designed in conjunction with our customers.

KMS Supervisor/Administrator Training aims to educate key personnel how to maintain your system.

Having a responsible, well-trained individual overseeing your entire system can be invaluable when it comes to upgrades and new releases of KMS products.

Supervisor/Administrator Training provides an opportunity for the system to be understood from the ground up, by those people who will be responsible for it’s day-to-day management.

With a solid understanding of the ‘Housekeeping’ function, your Administrators are well equipped to cope with any changes or upkeep necessary for the smooth running of your installation.