User Training

Thank you for the recent training session, I certainly found some quicker ways to do things (I’ve been using CRM for 6 years, and this was my first training session on it, so I’m in the camp of bad habits!!)” – Desley Sandford – P Casey & Co Ltd – April 2021

Conducted on a customer centric level, KMS User Training aims to educate your team in the most effective and efficient use of your KMS software. Using your own data and system setup (agreed during Consultancy), the training session is customarily split into 2 distinct halves.

The morning session covers the importance of systematic data entry, ensuring your staff are aware of the optimum input methods and reasons for using them. All time remembering that any system is only as good as the data entered into it!

The afternoon session focuses upon the benefits of getting the data out again, using the Reporting and Filtering functions within your software. To aid the session’s effectiveness, each attendee receives a full KMS Training notes, in addition to the standard system manual.

Individually tailored training sessions can also be created to suit the organisations structure, resources, timescales etc.  Online training sessions can also be accommodated in order to provide suitable training sessions right at a user’s desk. Descisions regarding the make-up and frequency of training sessions typically happens during the KMS consultancy phase.