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Enhancing Project Tracking with Dynamics 365 & Barbour ABI Integration: A Customer's Perspective

Apex Contractors Limited have been trading since 1997 delivering successful new build and refurbishment projects across all market sectors for both the public and private sector.

The Challenge

In the dynamic realm of construction, staying organised and maintaining clear communication is paramount. As projects become more intricate and involve numerous stakeholders, having the right tools to streamline processes can make all the difference. In this article, we delve into a real-life account from a satisfied customer who harnessed the potential of Dynamics 365 integration with Barbour ABI to enhance their project tracking.

The Solution

In their quest for a comprehensive CRM solution, Apex Contractors partnered with KMS Software, a market leader in construction CRM. The software offers advanced project tracking capabilities and crucially for the business, smooth integration with external data sources, such as the Barbour ABI platform.

The integration with Barbour ABI has been one of the major benefits of using Dynamics 365. The team can now tag projects of interest and see the data sync effortlessly from Barbour ABI into Dynamics 365. The automation has eradicated the risk of manual data entry errors and saved valuable time.

The Outcome

“The integration has exceeded our expectations,” Festus Flaherty, Pre-Construction Manager, remarked. “It has been great to see project data instantly migrate into our CRM, with pertinent up-to-date project details readily available for all users to make use of.”

The CRM’s intuitive interface has meant team members can swiftly access the data, tracking the progress of opportunities and facilitate informed bid-no bid decisions.

In conclusion, Apex Contractors’ experience stands as a testament to the potential of Dynamics 365 and the Project-CRM platform, particularly when integrated with Barbour ABI. By embracing this technology, construction firms can enhance their lead and project tracking.

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