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KMS software is designed to be easy to install and use. But experience has shown that almost all customers have questions from time to time. This is when access to the KMS Support Hotline becomes invaluable. Open 5 days a week, the KMS Support Hotline is manned by a host of experts ready to answer your questions and solve your problems. To make things even easier, once you have a valid contract you can e-mail the KMS Support Team direct with your questions and we’ll reply either by phone or by email ASAP.

Remote Support

Follow the link to download a Team Viewer session: Teamviewer Download

(only to be used if you have been told to by a member of KMS Support)

Contact the support team

Email or call +44 (0)20 7939 0741.

  Standard Premium
  Standard Premium
License to use the KMS Project-CRM or Project-base solution and toolkit tick tick
Access to future KMS toolkit developments tick tick
Telephone and email queries and advice about using the system tick tick
Dealing with Microsoft on your behalf about technical problems and system malfunctions tick tick
Setting up new users on your behalf cross tick
Installing the Outlook Client onto new PCs cross tick
Maintaining existing workflows cross tick

What things aren't covered under Standard Support?

CRM Administrative tasks, such as:
  • Setting up new users
  • Installing Outlook Client to new PCs
  • Maintaining existing Workflows
  • Maintain existing Reports
  • Updating Security Roles
  • Updating views, screen layouts, picklists & templates

Anything that comes under the broad heading of “consultancy services” would still be chargeable in the usual way. This would include:
  • Implementing a new system
  • Administrator or User Training
  • Creating new Entities
  • Custom Developments
  • Designing new reports
  • Data Conversion
  • Integration with External Systems
KMS can quote you for all of these items separately.