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How to create Dynamics 365 Dashboards

There are two types of dashboards: – 1. System Dashboards 2. Personal Dashboards To understand the way to navigate around Dynamics 365 to create these two different types of dashboards please download and view this document: How_to_create_Dynamics_365_Dashboards.pdf Paul Doer – September 2021

Save your CRM as a browser App

Like most online applications, KMS Project-CRM and MS Dynamics 365 are accessed through a web browser. There are lots of ways you can get to this, for example logging into and browsing through “All Apps” to the “Business Apps”. Once opened, most people will save it to favourites/bookmarks for easy access, but you can …

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COVID-19 Contingency Plans

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is big news at the moment and like any sensible business, KMS have taken some steps to mitigate any potential disruption.  Our aim is to ensure we can continue to support our customers and provide services with no noticeable impact.  Fortunately, over the past 2 years we have gone through a process of …

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