Pen control in Dynamics 365

With everyone attempting to move to a more ‘paperless’ office, Microsoft have introduced a way of capturing a digital signature and displaying it within Dynamics 365. The Pen control can easily be added to a form that can be captured and displayed on a laptop, phone or tablet.

There are many occasions when a customer or client’s signature is required, such as orders, customer approvals, contact detail agreements and snagging signoffs. An engineer could be on a client site and after doing final snagging there is a requirement to get the client to signoff the completed work. The ability to simply hand the client a tablet to sign and for moments later an email with an electronic copy of the documentation with the signature sent to them would be of great benefit.


The document is in two parts: –

  • How to add the new signature field to the form using the control
  • Creating a word template with the document containing the client signature



Paul Doerr – November 2021