KMS has been supplying CRM solutions for over 20 years. With Microsoft Dynamics we have taken the out-of-the box functionality and added the KMS CRM toolkit to provide industry specific features and work-flows.

CRM in Outlook

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

KMS Project-CRM for Contractors

A comprehensive CRM solution designed specifically for industries that operate within the Built Environment. From Main Contractors and specialist Sub-Contractors to Consultants: it works the way these industries work.

KMS Project-CRM for Manufacturers

Building on 20 years CRM experience in project-orientated and manufacturing customers, KMS have produced a solution to service the exact needs of this sector. By dealing with the entire project lifecycle the solution is able to provide its users with a unique 360° view of their business.

KMS Tools


Project-base is the classic and award winning construction specific Sales & Marketing CRM solution from KMS. Still widely used throughout the UK, it is fair to say that most new and certainly international customers are going for the Dynamics based solutions above. KMS is actively helping existing Project-base users migrate to Dynamics CRM when they are ready.

Causeway Estimating

KMS is the leading developer behind the leading Estimating system in the UK and Middle East. The new Estimating 2014 SQL based version of Estimating is proving very popular. KMS also supplies a link for users who want to connect CRM and Estimating.