Liquid Roofing Systems was formed in 2004, since then they have manufactured and distributed high performance waterproofing solutions for the building, roofing and construction industries. Their systems are leaders in their respective markets due to their unique credentials in waterproofing, longevity and application speed, making them the preferred choice for quality & cost-effective applications.

They focus on liquid applied products as liquids provide the most cost-effective waterproofing solutions on the market. These systems allow flexibility in application for even the most detailed of roofs and their rate of application reduces both time and disruption on site.

The nature of liquid systems means that site waste is reduced to an absolute minimum, so there is a limited or no environmental impact, when using LRS products.

The Challenge

In search of a more efficient solution, LRS desired a cloud-based system to streamline the management of project-driven sales, involving distributors and contractors. The system needed to be accessible through standard browsers on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, ensuring that both the sales team on the go and the headquarters users could effortlessly update it. Key requirements included Outlook compatibility, the ability to record activities linked to projects, association of companies/contacts with specific roles in projects, and the capability to generate quotes.

A distinctive need for LRS was the ability to record and track approved contractors capable of installing their three main products: RapidRoof Pro, Fastcoat Pro, and EElasto-Kote Pro. Additionally, they sought functionality to input and manage details of scheduled courses, including invitations, attendees, and successful/approved participants. LRS aimed to record unique ID numbers for approved contacts and receive notifications when the two-year accreditation was nearing expiration.

For retail inquiries, LRS CRM users required a feature to swiftly visualize the location within the CRM when the general public called in. They also wanted the ability to recommend active stockists of LRS products, situated in close proximity to potential customers, based on entered postcodes.

The Solution

LRS opted for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in collaboration with KMS Software as their chosen partner for the project implementation. The initial phase involved installing the KMS Project-CRM solution, which effectively addressed many of the project’s primary requirements. A crucial face-to-face consultancy day, led by Paul Doerr from KMS and Danny Beirne from LRS, further refined the more unique and specific needs of the organisation. Subsequently, an administrative training session was conducted by KMS, providing LRS with the necessary knowledge to handle key administrative tasks within Dynamics 365.

Over a span of 3 to 4 weeks, a streamlined system was delivered. The utilisation of the Dynamics 365 Unified Client Interface, consistent across all Microsoft applications, contributed to seamless user adoption for LRS. Following the implementation, in-house user training, led by Danny Beirne, ensured that the LRS team was proficient in utilising the new system. Since then, only minor customisations have been introduced, indicating the successful alignment of Dynamics 365 with LRS’s operational needs.

The Outcome

LRS now have the system up and running with both head office and the remote sales team using the system.

Accounts Manager Danny Beirne states: “We have used multiple suppliers in the past that seem to lose interest as soon as they have your order, however KMS have been supportive throughout the entire process. They have gone the extra mile to understand all the needs of our business to ensure we have the best CRM possible for our requirements. Paul Doerr was managing our process, and he would keep us up to date multiple times per week and ensure all the changes he made were exactly how we wanted them.”

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