Causeway Estimating

Duplication! – who needs duplication? CRM and Estimating solutions have, up until now, been run entirely separately. Containing similar information about the client and their team, the same information about the project, the same contact details. With little communication between these systems duplication of effort, data and resources occurred. Often key pieces of information from CRM were overlooked as well as little or no feedback from estimating as to the progress of a job.

Link Your CRM and Causeway Estimating

KMS have developed a link between Project-CRM (Microsoft Dynamics) and Causeway Estimating,  giving estimators instant access to CRM held data, and vice-versa. No more having to start an estimate from scratch, one click will create an estimate with all the necessary details of the client, architect and other team members. Now there is a single repository of Projects and related estimates.

A 360-Degree View

Collaborative Working

Keep track of changes to an estimate instantly. As you change an estimate in Causeway Estimating it will automatically update the relevant information held within Project-CRM. Business Development staff and Estimators can work together, and a 360-degree view of the project is achieved. Estimators can be notified immediately that a project requires tendering. In fact, using inbuilt project tracking features within Project-CRM your estimators can be notified well in advance and ensure the correct resources are available when the tender documents land.

Clients and Roles

Details about the Client, Architects, Consultants and all other players on the project can be shared. Names, addresses, emails etc. can be shared, cutting down the amount of duplication in both systems.

Synchronise any Data

Any data in Estimating can be shared with CRM users, for example the Estimating Tender Adjudication data.

Fully Configurable

Synchronise as much or as little data as you want, matching your data structure.

Powerful Reporting

Once in Dynamics 365, use all of the powerful reporting capabilities available in the Microsoft /Dataverse to produce meaningful insights through data visualisation.