CRM Systems for Construction and Beyond

DEV VERSION. In 2021 with remote working a necessity, accessible and centralised data is an absolute must if organisations are to enable their employees to work from home effectively and collaboratively. Through a well-designed CRM environment, KMS can ensure this is possible via Project-CRM.

For over 30 years KMS Software has delivered the premium in Project-Driven sales software. Our roots in construction have led us to implement some of the most complex and integrated sales systems in use today. We now deliver the premium in bespoke Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, from customers that have grown with us since our inception in a small London flat to our latest and largest enterprise level customers.

Our dynamic approach to each implementation has required us to build one of the strongest knowledge bases on the market, allowing us to provide each and every one of our customers with cutting edge, highly tailored systems to meet the needs of whatever their sales process may require.

Dynamics 365 – Drives customer satisfaction & loyalty in sales, marketing and customer service.

Project-CRM is simple to use, adapt and learn – Designed for Project Driven / Built Environment Industries.

Get a 360° view of your Customers and Suppliers – Enabling better, faster and smarter decisions.

Choose your Platform – Online or On-Premise. Tablet or Smartphone friendly – you decide which device and platform best suits your needs? Select the level of support you need.

Reporting and Dashboards – Provides you with real-time information about your pipeline, progress and key opportunities. It also enables you to monitor account activity and employee performance.