Barbour ABI data in Dynamics 365 CRM

SystemConnector – now Barbour ABI Enabled.

The KMS SystemConnector has been updated to work with the Barbour ABI Evolution website. Transferring construction projects from the ABI website to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is “redstar” the projects you are interested in. ABI calls these “Leads” – not to be confused with CRM Leads:


Here I am in the ABI website, I have marked 2 projects I am interested in:


And when the system connector is running they will be synched into CRM:


Barbour ABI maintains a lot of information about each project. The SystemConnector can be configured to copy as much (or as little) of this information to CRM. As ABI add more information, including project notes, this new information will transfer to CRM. Here is one of my projects in ABI:


Here is the synchronised project in CRM. Note that all the companies and roles are replicated in CRM:


Projects will be kept up-to-date and synchronised until you un-redstar the project

Jonas Dahlkvist 2017