Project-base is the complete sales & marketing IT solution, used by Construction organisations releasing the power of their Sales teams and increasing competitive edge.

Unlike other Construction tailored CRM packages, the project is key to Project-base. Project-base reflects the true nature of the Construction industry and understands the need to build sales activity around this unique set up. Project-base ensures complete control at every stage of the lengthy & complex sales cycle. From initial lead to secured contract, the whole team has accurate, up to date information on key decision makers and project influencers.

Project data from any of the major suppliers (i.e. ABI, Glenigan, Newmarket CIS etc) can be imported direct and shared across infinite sales regions and patches. With the emphasis on sharing pinning together, Project-base allows Sales and Marketing teams to work as one unit producing positive results. Activities are automated to your requirements thus ensuring valuable opportunities and leads are never again lost. By allowing Marketing and after-sales teams access to invaluable sales and project information, the sales cycle is completed. Detailed analysis and reporting on all sales & marketing activity/performance ensure continual improvement and increased success.