KMS Universal Data Connector

Code named Project KMS009 – Kms.Integration.SystemConnector – this is a piece of software that aims to be a universal method for connecting MS-CRM 2011 to any data source.

This week part 1 of this is now complete, and has gone into final system testing. Part 1 is the ODBC – CRM connection. If your data source can be accessed via ODBC, then the KMS SystemConnector enables data to flow from one system to the other. The software runs as a service on your server, and at set intervals it runs a sync service between the 2 systems.

Here at KMS we have set it up to connect our own CRM system (CRM 2011) to our own Accounts system (Sage). Now we can all see Sage data (invoicing YTD, credit limit, etc) in our CRM. An added bonus is we can report on the data in CRM using the normal CRM search and dashboard tools.

Sage data in CRM 2011 !

For more info contact our sales department for a demo!