Connecting Project-base and Dynamics CRM

For some of our customers with large numbers of users on Project-base,the cost of moving over to Dynamics CRM can be a barrier.

If there was a way you could have just a few key users using the Dynamics platform, while the majority stay on Project-base – would this be of interest?

KMS has developed a tool – the CRM System Connector – that allows this kind of approach. It can keep the two systems in synch. Normally we use it with CRM and Accounts systems, but there is no reason we could not use it with Project-base, keeping 2 CRM systems in synch.

This approach has several benefits:

1. Low cost of entry to enable and test Microsoft CRM in your business
2. Synch is bi-directional, so all existing reports etc built on Project-base can continue to be used
3. User could be gradually be moved over (or moved back to Project-base if they wanted to)
4. Using a Cloud based solution during this initial test phase you would not even need to invest in servers and server software etc at this point
5. Your IT staff can start to familiarize themselves with the new technology

If this is of interest, please let me know. It could be a nice IT project you can run at very little cost, whilst moving your CRM implementation forward.

watch a preview of the KMS System Connector here:

PS – we also use this System Connector together with Causeway Estimating, which might also be of interest.