SaaS in Construction

Why Construction firms are looking to the cloud for CRM


In today’s competitive global market, Construction firms are looking to the cloud for technology that enables flexibility for their business and cost-effectively adds value to their organization. Internet-based hosted solutions provide a way to meet these objectives. They deliver feature-rich productivity tools to users while helping to relieve the burden of managing and maintaining business systems.

Having a hosted CRM system makes a lot of sense for many Construction firms due to the flexibility of the platform which can scale to their business needs with a pricing model that gives them predictable costs. The nature of the Construction industry means that people, projects and offices are geographically spread out and the need for a central touch point for staff is particularly relevant, add to this the ability for staff to access a platform from anywhere with an internet connection and any device gives the business an ability to keep up-to date information allowing them to report an react quickly.


Main benefits of Microsofts cloud CRM:

Quick to deploy – Being hosted in the ‘cloud’ means that the software can be implemented quickly with no associated costs for new on premise hardware.

Predictable costs – Subscription pricing that allows you to change capital expenditures into predictable operating expenses.

Scalable to business needs – Scale users to the demand of your business.

Secure – ISO 27001 and IL2 certified, two of the top security benchmarks worldwide. It’s also covered by a financially backed 99.9% uptime.

Another attractive part of the CRM cloud proposition is the ease in which it can be managed and integrated with other cloud products. A prime example of this is the integration between Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint Online which many Construction firms use for storing large documentation and collateral for their users to access.


Here at KMS we’ve been supplying CRM solutions to the Construction industry for over 20 years. With Microsoft Dynamics we have taken out-of-the box CRM and added Construction specific functionality to help firms track & manage Projects and relationships with other firms.