COVID-19 Contingency Plans

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is big news at the moment and like any sensible business, KMS have taken some steps to mitigate any potential disruption.  Our aim is to ensure we can continue to support our customers and provide services with no noticeable impact.  Fortunately, over the past 2 years we have gone through a process of moving all our internal systems and telecommunications to the cloud, so all KMS staff can work from home or any other location with internet access.

Our current infection rate is zero and we hope it will stay that way but if it does not, we have taken action to ensure that it does not affect our whole team at the same time.  This includes following government guidance and best practice (see links below).

If you would like to know more about how moving to the cloud could help your business embrace new working practices and enable you to keep working contact  Our personal experience of migrating to Office 365, SharePoint, CRM Online and Teams (for both meetings and PSTN telephony) can really shed light on the pitfalls to be avoided and the benefits of making the switch.

Further Reading

UK Government Guidance


World Health Organisation