Streamlining Building Safety Compliance with Project-CRM

Streamlining Building Safety Compliance with KMS Software's Project-CRM Platform

The Golden Thread of Information

Claiming to have processes in place for compliance is one thing, but having a systematic record of those processes enables organisations to demonstrate adherence and identify potential gaps. With the combination of KMS Software’s Project-CRM platform and SharePoint integration, effortlessly log and monitor crucial information related to the Building Safety Regulations act. In this blog, we explore how our platform simplifies compliance logging, ensuring transparency, and helping construction companies prioritise safety and meet regulatory standards.

Centralised Document Management

Effortlessly store, organise, and retrieve critical compliance documents within our Project-CRM platform. Link relevant documents directly to projects, ensuring easy accessibility and traceability.

Task Management and Reminders

Stay on top of compliance tasks with our comprehensive task management features. Assign and track inspections, assessments, and safety checks, receiving automated reminders and notifications for timely completion.

Audit Trails and Change Tracking

Maintain a clear record of compliance modifications with our platform's audit trails and change tracking. Document changes made to projects in response to regulatory updates, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate customised reports on compliance with Building Safety Regulations. Gain valuable insights, identify improvement areas, and demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements to internal and external stakeholders.

Simplify your compliance efforts and prioritise safety with KMS Software’s Project-CRM platform. Streamline document management, automate task tracking, and maintain comprehensive audit trails. Our platform enables organisations to demonstrate process adherence, identify potential gaps, and ensure the safety and well-being of building occupants. With systematic compliance logging, you can confidently meet regulatory standards and showcase your commitment to building safety.

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