Projects are People…and they need to be connected

Depeche Mode once sung ‘People are People‘ and while that is important, we at KMS feel this should be taken a step further in that ‘Projects are People’ too.

A project is a shared concept that involves multiple people; be them salespeople; project managers; technicians or whomever is relevant. As a result, a project could involve multiple companies (accounts) which these people are associated with. Added to this, (if we look at the salesperson role specifically) such role a may be linked to mulitple Lines of Business (LoB) within those mulitple accounts.

As you see, you can soon have many many connections that need to be linked and tracked. Traditionally, this is done in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the ‘Connections’ function. However, it is a manual process and therefore (depending upon the complexity) this can take a great deal of time and things may be missed.

Wouldn’t it be easier if the system could create these connections automatically when a User’s accounts were linked to ANY project by either themself or other users?…

Well, Project-CRM from KMS takes care of this for you, saving you time and money!

Added to which, it also flags up newly connected projects so you don’t have to worry about manually checking for them AND to save any duplication, it is smart enough to check for existing connections.

We at KMS don’t add ‘bells and whistles’ just because we can; we ask the same questions that the user does and provide functionality that is really useful. For a further insight, contact us on: 020 7939 0740